Interview with Girish Sant (Prayas Energy Group, India)

4. Februar 2012

Girish Sant, founder of Prayas Energy Group (Pune, India), was one of the finest experts on energy and climate issues that I have met in my life. He passed away on 2 February 2012, after a heart attack. He was one of the very rare people that combine deep expertise, and incorruptible judgment with passion for the cause and a fine, gentle personality.

I feel privileged to have met Girish. Even as we have only met a few, relatively short times I immediately felt that we were some kindred spirits.

He gave this video interview to my partner Marian during his stay in Durban in December 2012. It was the last time I have seen him before the terrible news about his passing away reached us. Marian and I feel that we owe it to Girish and his friends worldwide to make this interview available.

Girish’s untimely death leaves a deep hole in the community of climate and energy experts in India, and internationally.


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